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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> dana: you're a nerd. >> andrea: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. see you next week. don't miss it in tampa. have a great weekend, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: this is a fox news alert i'm bret baier. possible change in republican convention. carl cameron is live if ohio with the top story. good evening, carl. >> the romney campaign tries to jiger the schedule for the republican national convention for monday when ann is scheduled to speak. there hasn't been a change but we're told at any moment after series of phone calls are made to get pieces in place, there will be a shift. we're waiting on it to happen. this comes on the day, friday before the convention week starts. when the ticket got together reunited this time campaigning in romney's home state of
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michigan. the g.o.p. rallied michigan where he opened with a birthplace singer at the president. >> nobody asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place we were born and raised. >> governor's decision to enlist in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter in america. romney long accepted the birth certificate as real. aides say the remark was a humorous joke much in the vain of bam become's jokes about romney and the dog on top of the car there will be tough jabs as the race enters the final ten-week sprint. michigan has not voted republican since '88 but is now on romney target list with paul ryan's help. >> we don't think the government job to slice of pie under his vision of equity. >> polls show his home state of wisconsin is also in play.
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along with ten other swing states where president obama within four years ago but now faces a surging romney-ryan channel. >> the president cannot run on the failed record of leadership. and so he is going to try and divide us. >> the obama-biden attack began months ago, with tens of millions of dollars of negative attacks on romney's record of business apes governor of massachusetts to define romney early and negatively as possible. romney gamble and for months withheld counter attack that most voters don't tune in until labor day. the polls show a dead heat nationwide and in most battleground states. romney and ryan are taking the gloves off. >> i don't want four more years of what we have. do you? >> no. >> mr. romney penned an op-ned the "wall street journal" describing lessons learned at bain capital. i know what it takes to turn around difficult situations a i will put that experience to work to get the economy back on track.
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on wall street they cig nad that $100 million of new expenditures planneded after g.o.p. convention against president obama. >> the takeover of the g.o.p. as the republican candidate next week will include rule changes for the republican national committee. in the 262016 cycle, states that hold caucuses will be required to allot all of their delegates on the outcome, not as happened this year on the state convention of party insiders where ron paul flourished. in addition, the rules on caucuses and proportionally allocating delegates can be changed so any state that chooses to can make itself winner take on. >> bret: the reason to move ann romney from monday the broadcast networks were going to not cover that. >> her speech is important. the cam pape wants very much to have the largest possible
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audience, which would be primetime for networks so they are looking to go tuesday, wednesday, thursday, days with when the networks said they would go. earlier today, senior officials said there would be no change and yet calls are underway as we speak trying to find an accommodation. >> bret: thank you. i will speak exclusively with congressman ryan from the republican convention in tampa on monday. "special report." at 6 of:0 6:00 eastern. the man who will become the g.o.p. nominee next week sits down on the show. delegates and others are preparing for wettest. meteorologist rick reichmuth has update on what could be hurricane isaac. good evening, rick. >> likely to become hurricane isaac at least offshore around tampa, but strong winds, a lot of rain. maybe a little bit of a surge of water moving to tampa bay. this is a look at latest on the storm. now up to 65-mile-per-hour sustained storm. it's right about 100-miles to the south of the
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port-au-prince area. close and heavy rain moving over hispaniola now. the moldals look similar to where they did yesterday in toward the eastern part of the gulf and making landfall eventually. around the panhandle of florida. take a look at official track of the storm and what we expect it to do. going close tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon to the guantanamo area in cuba. then it treks off to the north. if you follow what is the center line here, it spends more time offshore. not as much time over land. maybe talk about little bit of stronger storm as it emerges in the gulf. 75-mile-per-hour storm monday afternoon off-shore. by tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening, potentially category one, maybe category two storm making direct landfall on the panhandle. that said for tampa area, there will be strong winds tuesday after the storm that will number a lot of water toward tampa bay. we could look at two or three feet of storm surge right in toward tampa bay. bret? >> bret: by sunday, we should get a really good sense
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of where it's going. >> we have a good sense now. sunday we can pinpoint it with more accuracy. you're right. >> bret: thank you. weather is one element to convention preparation. correspondent shannon bream is looking at some of the others in tampa. >> reporter: putting together an event the size of the republican national convention is a massive undertaking. in 2012 there is one uninvited guests, organizers and de attendees are hope willing not show up. tropical storm isaac that could develop to hurricane and crash in tampa bay as the convention is set to start. >> tampa is excited about hosting the rnc. we don't have plans to cancel it. >> reporter: that will be let to party leaders. but they are look at unforeseen impact on the security operations in tampa. 3,500 state and local law enforcement officers from around florida are scheduled to be here to cover the convention, but may not be able to lead their posts at home. governor rick scott says that
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could trigger plan "b." >> national guard will be ready for any contingency. so we have, if that happened, then the log call backup would be the national forward. we have already had those conversations. >> reporter: in wake of bulletin from the f.b.i. and department of homeland security raising concerns about the protesters aiming to wreak habit they will be prepared. so are the demonstrators who have already arrived. >> there is no doubt a small percentage will come here bent on destruction. >> reporter: meanwhile on the convention floor, organizers are moving ahead with a setup they say will be unlike any other in convention history. high resolution l.e.d. screens will give them the ability to tailor the setting to each individual speaker. >> we can use the screen to turn the podium to midwest farm or we can punctuate them with social media feed in the shows. >> reporter: party leaders spent the week in tam thepa to
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prepare the official g.o.p. platform. we got a look at language involving abortion from someone inside the deliberations but the formal full range of issues is scheduled to be rolled out and voted op by the tell gaits on monday. bret? >> bret: shannon bream in tampa. see you down there tomorrow. there is a discouraging progress report tonight on how you are doing since the end of the recession. white house correspondent wendell goler on what could be damaging numbers for president obama's re-election hopes. >> a central theme of the president re-election campaign not just the recession but the policies of the bush administration hammered the middle class. >> we have seen a decade where jobs were being shipped overseas and where wages and incomes were going down except for a few at the top. even while cost of everything from healthcare to college were skyrocketing. >> a new study suggests household income fallen more since recovery mr. obama takes credit for, than in the recession before it. median income fell 2.6% from december of 2007 to june 2009.
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but fell 4.8% from june of 2009 to june of this year. in addition, the median length of unemployment 8-1/2 weeks in recession is up to 20 weeks now. the vice president says things are getting better. >> folks, we have a long way to go. the middle class is on its way back. on its way back. >> for the romney-ryan ticket, the numbers are a perfect fit. >> biden said the other day that the middle vas in the midst of a recovery. president obama said that the private sector is doing just fine. this is the obama imaginary recovery. >> some experts say the recovery is real but not as streak as the recession was deep. >> this is a battle to come back. we're not making enough ground to get the economy on all cylinders. >> new fox news poll says more people feel finances will improve if romney wins than if the president is re-elected. romney spent most of his time on that issue.
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>> this president's policies haven't worked. >> the fault may not lie with this president or number of those before him. a pew research study shows the middle class has been shrinking since 1971. and though no president since the great depression has been re-elected with unemployment this high, the places where the recession has hurt the most are where mr. obama is strongest. >> if you look at the big cities and you look at the blue states, in those parts, in those cities, that is where people have been hurt the worst. >> thinks the recoverly pick up next year no matter who is elected president. safe bet mr. will it's romney or obama that american take credit for it. bret? >> bret: you bet. wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. a veteran african-american lawmaker calls out the vice president over the chains comment. that is later in grapevine. up next, a very expensive clock is ticking fast. you can e without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese.
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>> bret: two people are dead following a shooting outside the empire state building. police say a 53-year-old former women accessory designer fatally shot an excolleague an wounded nine other people. the shooter was then killed by police. then was laid off a year ago. authorities say it was not related to terrorism. police in chicago report 13 people were shot in a 30-minute span there overnight. drive-by shooting on the southside wounded seven men and one woman. five others were hurt in three separate incidents about the same time. chicago has been trying to deal with a weigh of gang violence and rapidly rising murder rate this summer. >> we have been talking a lot about next week republican convention but the fact is the calendar bay not be too friendly to the democratic gathering a week later in chicago. august jobs report is due out the day after the president speaks at the convention. the country may pass a disturbing threshold during this meeting. the national debt eclipsing $16 trillion. correspondent doug mckelway on where we are, how we got
6:15 pm
there. this is $100. $100 million. $100 million. $1 trillion. the size of a football field and $15 trillion as high as the statue of liberty. >> the national debt a ticking time bomb. if we don't do something about "it" will go off. >> it reaches a point where the debt is unsustainable and interest payments on the debt alone create economic implosion. >> we are spending $200 billion on interest now. that is much more than we are spending op say operations in afghanistan. more than we are spending on medicaid. >> compounding the problem the baby boomers, those born between 1946-1964. the first of them are now retiring. >> facing this avalanche of seniors. moving in to medicare. and medicaid. and social security. >> the demographic and fiscal realities are no longer distant scenario. >> we don't need to make up
6:16 pm
scenarios. we see them in europe as we speak. >> adding urgency, the approaching december 31 deadline where the temporary bush era tax cuts expire. huge cuts to the military budget and other federal programs kick in. potentially causing a second recession. still, most economists agree that massive debt is not of itself a sign of economic armageddon. >> what matters more than the level, the trajectory. it's determined by decisions congress has yet to resolve. >> we literally can't do it without controlling the rate of growth of the healthcare entitlements over time. and stabilizing social security. at the same time, reforming our tax code. so we can raise more revenues. >> what helps more than anything to level off the debt trajectory is growing economy. four years of stimulative efforts causing yearly trillion dollar deficits have not been able to do that. bret?
6:17 pm
>> bret: more on this with the panel. doug, thank you. let's look closer at the debt and the deficit and spending. senior national correspondent john roberts has tonight's report on one of the big issues in the fall election. >> a prairie fire of debt is sweeping across iowa. and across the nation. >> that speech was more like a distortion. >> regardless of whose political spin you believe, america's debt is spinning out of control. now nearly $16 trillion projected to top $22 trillion in the next ten years. >> everybody in this country is aware that the deficit and debt are unsustainable. we are about to elect the leader who will make the toughest decision how to get us out of this hole. >> do either candidate have a viable plan to do that? >> if you look at governor romney's plan he has specific on the fun part. bringing tax rates down for instance, but not enough specifics on the hard part. president obama who multimillion times to put out complete blueprint on how to
6:18 pm
get control of the debt still hasn't gone far enough. >> romney's plan would immediately cut nondefense discretionary spending by 5%. then with his own version of the ryan budget keep it below 20% of gdp. in the long term, romney is banging on new tax cuts and less regulation to grow the economy. president obama would preserve tax cuts for middle and lower income americans. but increase taxes on the wealthy to raise revenues. he also wants to cut entitlement spending by $600 billion over ten years. but the plan would still add more than $6 trillion to the debt. >> spending, taxing and the regulation that we have seen in the last few years have not served to spur the economy as the president told us it would. >> a much more balanced approach than the romney budget. romney budget doubles down on tax break for wealthy people. that will grow the deficit. >> whose plan is better to address ballooning debt that will soon double the size of the u.s. economy?
6:19 pm
according to budget expert, at the moment it's impossible to tell. >> it would be necessary for voters to see detailed plans on how they plan to lead the country out of this. before we elect someone we should demand show us your plan on how you'll fix the deficit and debt. >> to drive that point home in just the time it took to tell this report. the u.s. has borrowed another $4.5 million. >> in washington, john roberts, fox news. >> bret: stocks ended the week with a good day. dow was up over 100. the s&p 500 gained 9. the nasdaq finished ahead 16. still ahead, which party is more radical when it comes to abortion? first, are war prospects between israel and iran getting radically worse? ♪
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>> bret: in international news now, fresh clashes broke out in lebanon between supporters and opponents of syria's regime. combat jets and helicopter gunships struck rebel-held districts in aleppo overnight. rebels destroyed an armored personnel character and the armor fired ten shells and mortar bombs today. israel and iran could be creeping closer to war tonight. u.n. talks aimed at getting access to iran nuclear program break off today. prime minister says iran is making accelerated progress toward achieving nuclear weapons. national security correspondent jennifer grin has the story from the pentagon. good evening. >> good evening. senior u.n. official says a next round of talks is currently not scheduled with the iranians. scathing report about iran's continued enrichment of uranium is expected next week. now there is new evidence obtained from satellite imagery shown here of the
6:24 pm
military facility where the u.n. believes high explosive tests possibly for a nuclear trig ver taken place in the past decade -- trigger have taken place in the past decade. these photos taken from the institute of science and international security show a red or pink tint covering the building where the high explosive testing is thought to have occurred. evidence experts say of an attempt to sanitize or scrub the facility of residual particles in from a blast. general martin dempsey told fox he speaks with the israeli counterpart on a bi-weekly basis. >> we compare intelligence. we compare, we discuss regional implications. you know, we have admitted to each other that the clocks are turning at different rates. >> also turning more centrifuges at an underground iranian facility. according to the new iaea report, iran has installed 348 more centrifuges in recent
6:25 pm
months. at mountain side facility that israeli officials worry could soon be immune from airstrike. the former israeli military chief of staff garnered headlines this week when he told a conference he thinks nonmilitary solutions to the iran problems should be used for now. "keeping the military option credible and realistic, keeping the option. and hoping that the combination of the options will deter iran from pursuing the bomb." meanwhile, since 2009 when president obama began an attempt to engage iran on its nuclear program, tehran has gone from having enough enriched uranium to build one bomb to the equivalent of five bombs' worth today. bret? >> bret: thank you, jennifer. california technology company reached a tentative deal to buy facilities of bankrupt solar energy firm solyndra for just over $90 million. facility was built with $52 #528
6:26 pm
in stimulus money. under the term of the obama administration loan guarantee some investors will get their money back before taxpayers. illinois-based energy company is getting special treat fire department the white house. "new york times" detailed ways in which it says exelon corporation benefited from the support of president obama dating back to his days as state senator in illinois. white house officials insist the relationship reflects the company's shared vision with the administration opt not favoritism. something is not on the up and up with the president's twitter feed. we'll explain. and charlie rangel on vice president joe biden's chains comment. the grapevine is next. is our most popular promotion at d lobster. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind. th wait for this all year long. [ male nouncer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back, but only for a limited time, for just $14.99. try as much as u like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99.
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to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> bret: a prominent african-american lawmaker isn't buying the white house exadministration of joe biden's remark to a virginia audience last week that republicans want to "pull y'all back in chains." >> what is he talking about slavery? you bet he was. was he using ver narc lar, yes, he was.
6:31 pm
was it stupid to say? you bet your life it was stupid. >> bret: obama has twitter followers but mashable report the social media site has a new web tool that finds whopping 70% or 13 million of president obama's followers are supposedly fake. it says just 15% of governor romney's followers are fake. finally a warm and fuzzy ending for a connecticut family. friday story. north haven officials settled the zoning dispute that will allow 7-year-old caden pet bunny to stay. a 50-year-old ordinance been as rabbits and livestock on properties smaller than two acres. a city official there says the ordinance will be changed. a fox news alert. we have breaking news on thestop story at the top of the hour. carl cameron is live in ohio. carl? >> reporter: hey, bret. we have just gotten word there is a change in ann romney's schedule. she will not be speaking on
6:32 pm
monday night. as with planned. the networks said they wouldn't cover monday night proceeding at tampa. and now she has been moved to tuesday night. ann romney, the presumptive soon to be official republican presidential nominee's wife will speak tuesday and have the audience the republican party wanted. governor martinez of new mexico has been moved and she will now speak on wednesday night. there was tremendous speculation today. some erroneous reporting around the country that marco rubio the senator from florida was to have been bumped from the speech introducing mitt romney. the moment he receives the nomination and accepts it. that is not the case. mr. rubio will speak and introduce mitt romney on thursday night. ann romney now, no longer speaking on monday. she will speak in primetime tuesday evening.
6:33 pm
>> todd akin held a news conference saying he is still not dropping out of the race despite urging by republican party leaders. >> apparently there are some people having trouble understanding the message, i'd like to be clear on that toda today. we are going to be here through the november election. we are going to be here to win. >> bret: jim angle tells us a campaign supposed to be about the economy has been partially focused on something else. >> todd akin's comments about rape and abortion have given new life to an old issue. >> we have them obsessed with our position on abortion. >> they disavowed akin and wonder why they don't ask about obama position on abortion. >> he favors partial birth abortion, abortion at any level. it's unbelievable position.
6:34 pm
>> in the legislation, they voted to protect the lives of infants surviving abortion. and republicans say the views are out of the mainstream. >> 50% of democrats do not support partial birth abortion. 70% of americans do not support partial birth abortion. >> indeed, gallup poll last year found 53% of those favor laws been aing the procedure. while only 31% oppose such laws. the democrat eck platform in 2008 said the democratic party strongly and unequivocally support a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion regardless of the ability to pay. we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. silent on whether it includes partial birth abortion. democrats want to keep focus on the republican party. and the g.o.p. platform mirrors 2008 which said, "we
6:35 pm
assert the inherent dignity and sanctity of all human life, and confirm all t unborn child has fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed." that offers no reaction. former clinton advisor says platform rarely help but can hurt. >> extreme positions from either party can cause problems during the fall campaign. i can't think back to a platform that helped elect a presidential candidate. >> republicans are on solid political ground on abortion. polls show 50% of americans consider themselves pro-life. 41% pro-choice. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. republican presidential candidate mitt romney and his wife app will talk to chris wallace on "fox news sunday." one topic, the governor's late father. >> have you been thinking about your dad recently? what would he say? >> i always think about my dad
6:36 pm
and my mom for that matter. i think a lot about them i'm drafting a convention speech. thinking about the kind of things my dad would say if he had the chance to offer that speech. >> what do you think he would say about you having take the step he was unable to? in being the republican nominee. >> be bold. don't worry about what people think. be bold. get the job done. that is the advice he would give me. >> bret: see the entire interview with mitt and ann romney sunday on "fox news sunday." are you worse off now than during the recession? how will that affect the presidential election? plus all of the back and forth about the upcoming convention. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is
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>> we'll soon be having a convention in tampa, florida. i'm told the weather may be a little iffy there. but we're going to be there. and we're not just going to talk about platitudes, not going to talk about small things. we're going to talk about these big challenges. and how we're going to overcome them. >> bret: romney making his way to tampa to accept the party nomination. also had a bit zinger today for president obama. >> i love being home in this place where app and i were raised -- ann and i were raised, both of us were born. ann was born at henry ford hospital, i was born at harper hospital. no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place that we were born and raised. >> bret: that prompted a quick response from the obama campaign. sending out, "throughout the campaign, governor romney embraced the most strident voices in his party instead of
6:41 pm
standing up to them, romney's decision to directly enlist himself in the birther movement should give pause to any rational voter across america." that is all about the president's birth certificate and being born in hawaii. let's bring in panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, start there. >> well, in the grand scheme of things should romney make berther jokes? probably not. let me say i can't get outraged about this. you had the obama campaign suggest that romney was a felon. you had the super pac suggest that the indifference led to the death of a woman and the obama campaign flat-out lie about it and lie about it on more than one occasion. you had president obama in recent days making shameless dog jokes. i'm not going to get too excited about the obama campaign saying we need to elevate the level of discourse. >> bret: what about the trek to tam and messaging as we get going? campaign put out a statement
6:42 pm
saying obviously governor romney believes the president was born in the united states and he was campaigning and it was a joke. end of issue. >> yeah. i'm not surprised that steve is not outrageded. it found it more tasteless than that. unforced error. not catastrophic unforced error but as you said, this is the time you want to build up to a crescendo. >> he has done clutchs like that in the past. he is reintroducing himself to voters and authentication of the michigan roots. op-ned the journal talking about the time at bain, trying to cast that in a favorable light. i think he did step on the message today. but he is still at it.
6:43 pm
>> bret: chuck, go ahead. >> i don't think he stepped on anything. it wasn't unforced error, wasn't a forced error. it wasn't a error. it was a joke. this outrage response from obama campaign i think the most absurd example of fake umbrage in the history of fake umbrage. give me a break. romney dismissed birther issue from the beginning. no indication he is believing in this stuff. obama himself joked about the birth certificate. >> bret: recently. >> when he was with the prime minister of ireland and he gave him some kind of a certificate of irish ancestry. he joked about it in the birth certificate being, having honored places in his home. that's absurd. the press swallows it up. another example of what we heard the other night of the press. i think it's chuck todd who said that the press tends to follow obama campaign. and what it wants to emphasize. this is a nonstory of a
6:44 pm
nonstory. >> deficit and debt. over this weekend, and in to the convention, steve, we will likely see the $16 trillion mark for the national debt. obviously a big issue in this campaign. >> it is a big issue. and it should be a big issue. one thing you will see the republicans focusing on more is president obama's past promises on the debt. and what he and the advisors said about how he will handle debt and deficit in the next term. he was asked about president obama's second term agenda and he listed five or six items he said would be top priorities in the second term. he didn't mention the national debt once, deficit, getting control of spending. not one mention of it. >> bret: the fact that the president duft talk about entitlement reform, he doesn't talk about tackling the big issues that everyone knows that at some point the u.s. has to deal with. >> well, if you believe the polls, this is the number two issue for the public after
6:45 pm
generally the economy and jobs. it's pretty far down below the economy and jobs. it's not a negative for him, because he is running a base motivating election. a lot of elements of the base, labor unions, public employees and so forth are not non-favor of a lot of spending cuts and so forth. also, he relatively effectively played the tax to the rich card even though we know it is not going to solve the deficit. $16 trillion number is scary. when you think of it as a percentage of gdp it's up to 73%, 75%. really scary number is 85-90% which is what economists tell sus the level of debt that starts to really hang on growth and make it harder for economy to grow. we're getting dangerously close to that. >> bret: you are heading toward greek numbers. of that percentage when you are up to 100%. that is where they were. >> alice ritlin clin top omb director say earlier in the
6:46 pm
show. it's a real issue. republicans should say it's a real issue. they know what is happening in europe and they know they are on the precipice of catastrophe. we have a little time. the real number that affec affes your ability to borrow is the publicly held debt ; meaning debt held by china and others as a percentage of the economy. it was 45% when obama came in office. it's now 72%. that is huge increase in one term. the absolute amount of debt is $6.3 trillion. in a quarter of a millennium of our history to 11.2. by next year, obama will have doubled it. that is unsustainable. republicans have a large, i and should hit it hard. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round.
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>> bret: every week viewers vote for your choice online in this the friday light anyone round. this week, israel-iran, latest won with 31% of the vote. we'll get to that momentarily but with the shakeup of the convention days away we thought we'd start there. ann romney now will speak on tuesday night. carl cameron reported that in this show. moving from monday, since the network broadcast network said that we're not going to cover app romney speech on monday. big deal. what about this? >> there has been a scrammable in the past few days to accommodate ann romney when it became clear that the net woks were not going to cover her on monday night. there was serious talk about switching her to thursday and switching marco rubio to tuesday night. i just got a statement e-mailed to me by matt
6:51 pm
rhodes -- campaign manager for mitt romney -- said rubio graciously offered his spot to ann romney to speak in prime time on thursday. but they wanted to keep rubio where he was. because he is such an important figure in the future of the republican party. >> bret: two assets for romney, obviously. ann romney, big asset. humanizes him, right? >> yeah. they are trying to emphasize the biography, the family, the personal side such that it is for romney to rebrand them a little bit when the voters are starting to focus. it does show what an asset they believe ann romney to be to shuffle things around urgently. >> she is an incredible asset. if the election is about the economy on performance, on ideas, on plans, obama is more near to winning. only reason he is ahead is he is more likable. by a huge margin. she humanizes him and is incredibly attractive.
6:52 pm
she speaks with a kind of ease, that he doesn't have. having her up there is essential. having her on tuesday is wonderful. he is could have an hour of hot and cold, sweet and sour. it starts with her. then you get chris christie. throwing all kind of thunderbolts at this administration. it will make for an interesting night. >> bret: sticking on convention top thick week with the comments of representative akin in missouri, democrats have been bouncing on republicans saying their views on abortion are radical and the republican platform is radical. democratic party platform, take a look at how it's written in 2008 where we are expecting it to be exactly the same. the democratic party strongly and unequivocally support roe v. wade and a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion. the 2004 version of that in the dnc platform said abortion should be safe, legal and rare. so the question is about partial birth abortion and what the president then state
6:53 pm
senator voted for when he was in illinois. charles? >> talk about extremism. in the akin case, congressman that nobody heard of who is a candidate for senate of one state out of 50 on one hand. on the other hand you have obama who is the president who took a position on partial birth abortion which is scandalous. pat moynahan said it's the equivalent of infan infanticide. that is extremism. >> the republican party in toto almost called for akin to step out of the race. except for a few leaders in the conservative, the christian conservative movement. >> i guess again the republicans nice try for trying to change the subject to partial birth abortion this week. i think senatortown or
6:54 pm
would-be senator akin performance is overwhelming that and will continue to overwhelm it. i don't think the voters relish the discussion of abortion right now. >> bret: which is why it's dangerous at a democratic convention, right, to spend a lot of time on it? >> not if you are teamed up with the republicans portraying him as an extremists. everybody agreeing he is an extremist. i don't think voters relish having this be the number one issue. >> wait, who is changing the subject here? this is another attempt by democrats to avoid talking about the economy. and obama's record. they have been trying to make this war on women case. for six months. they haven't been able the make it stick. >> changing the subject desperately from akin by -- >> talking about going from abortion -- you are talking about a discussion that democrats initiated on abortion, to partial birth abortion, versus discussion and campaign about the economy and the future of the country to a narrow issue of --
6:55 pm
>> akin initiated that discussion. >> that is nonsense. the president wants to be talking about that so he doesn't have to talk about the record. >> bret: i have to get to israel and iran. quickly, charles, since people voted for that. i promiseed it. what do you think the latest is? talks broke down today. >> israelis are extremely nervous. obama doesn't even claim that they have done fig that would retrain nuclear program. of iran. their claim is iran is uslated as a result of all they've done. this week, 130 nations are going to be showing up in tehran, the leaders of the movement. and the secretary general of the united nations. this is the great achievement of this administration isolating iran? it's america that isolated and iran is getting free pass to develop nukes. >> save your comments on iran and israel for later date. that is it for the panel. stave tuned for the perils of nonstop weather coverage on a news channel. whether coverage of a developing storm -- weather
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>> bret: finally tonight, tropical storm isaac, soon to be hurricane eye sis of course gets a lot of air time on every news channel. you want to know every twist and turn of that storm? weather folks have to be on stand by all the time. you just have to be careful where you are standing. ♪ ♪ >> tell you all about it. it's all happening now. >> well, happening now, less than a week before the republic national convention, governor romney's vice presidential pick -- >> we can make fun of ourselves. yes. don't forget all next week "special report" will be live from the republic national convention in tampa. monday, vice presidential candidate paul ryan will be joining me on "special report." then on tuesday, we will have florida senator marco rubio followed by an exclusive interview wednesday with house speaker john boehner. it is going to


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